Your Campaign Guide

Primary Audience

Policy makers in Canberra from all political parties. Together we need to remind them that mortgage broker businesses in Australia represent over 27,000 people who contribute $2.9 billion annual to the Australian economy.

The outcome of this early campaign activity is to send a message that our industry cannot be taken for granted, we’re proud of our industry and the positive influence we have in our communities when it comes to the competition we bring to the table.  We will defend ourselves loudly and we will carry our influence into electorates.

Critical objective

Our collective objective is to send as many messages and set as many meetings with our local politicians as possible.

Your first action - message your MP

Your second action - rally your network

We need to rally as many voices as we can toward one simple action, sending emails to and meeting with, our local politicians. Participating will only take people a few moments to send our templated email. It’s a quick action that will make a big difference.

Here are some of the top ways to get your network involved:

  1. Get talking – make this campaign a discussion point and spread the word by urging people to participate.
  2. Email your customers – explain the situation and requesting their support by visiting the campaign site to send an email to their local politician.
  3. Post to social media – you need a strong call to action requesting participation. See our templated examples below.
  4. Interact with social media posts – likes aren’t enough, you need to share and comment, this is what amplifies social media posts. i.e sharing a campaign post with a comment such as “Please support this campaign by visiting this site and emailing your local politician – this campaign is so important to my livelihood and competitive mortgage rates in Australia.”

Social Media Post Suggestions

Don’t hand the power back to the big banks!

Visit today and join me in sending a message to your local politicians and keep competition alive. We need your support now for mortgage brokers, small businesses, increased competition and downward pressure on interest rates.


Show your support for vital small business.

Join me and visit to send a message to your local politicians. Mortgage brokers are under threat and need your voice. Across Australia the mortgage broking industry employees over 27,000 people, just like me, that bring choice and competition to the mortgage market.


How to have the conversation with your MP or Senator

You, and every other broker, are one of the keys to a successful campaign to curb excessive regulatory intervention by politicians post Royal Commission.

For a local politician, interaction with his or her local brokers is important. Like many Australians, the local politician won’t have much of a handle on how the industry is regulated, what the benefits of mortgage broking have brought, how many brokers exist, how many customers you service and how those numbers have grown, what the benefits are of using a broker and how much customers value what you do and why an ongoing commission and relationship work. We can spell this out for them and as a spokesperson for the industry you will represent a trusted voice. What do we want? We want to be so well represented and have communicated the benefits so convincingly that no-one will be prepared to make any detrimental moves against our industry.

To help you prepare for meetings we’ve put together a quick two page fact sheet below.

How to promote the campaign across social

We need your help to rally your network and grow our voice! And this means actively promoting the campaign across social media. To ensure we’re consistent and promoting to maximum effect, we’ve prepared a quick video featuring a walkthrough of how we’d like you to promote across Facebook and LinkedIn and a also a checklist of the absolute campaign essentials to include in your post. Every bit of support helps, thank you for playing your part!

Social media images

Pre-drafted postal letter

Campaign email signature

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